What are you standing on?

Discover how carpets were made locally in Kidderminster and sold regionally, nationally and internationally.
Meet the Weaving Master, the Weaver and the Spinner and find out how they live. Compare carpet weaving before and after the Industrial Revolution as you watch our power looms run. Enjoy weaving workshops, spinning demonstrations and design your own carpet.

I loved it so much and learnt how to spin and weave.’ Katie Villar, Year 6, Abberley Hall Prep School, Worcestershire I loved how the members of staff explained it so well. Thank you so much.’ Pia Jones, Year 6, Abberley Hall Prep School, Worcestershire

£4 per student 1 free adult place for each 10 children Additional adults £4.50 each To book:Telephone (01562) 69028 Email learning@museumofcarpet.org.uk